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Villa Eva
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Agios Nikolaos - Kontakeika
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Feldenkrais and Tai Chi

Exploring Feldenkrais and Tai Chi within sight and sound of the sea is a wonderful way to discover new opportunities of sensing, feeling and action in gentle quiet movements.We explore how the Feldenkrais Method can interact with the Tai Chi tradition to enrich our ability to listen to ourselves. When we more clearly sense the changes in the quality of our actions when we move differently this can contribute to our confidence and trust in our ability to discern what we feel and think also. Aren’t these the conditions for a life of increasingly full contact with our surroundings and the relationships we treasure?


* Tai Chi to begin and end the day- Alan

* 2 Awareness Through Movement™ group lessons (ATM) each morning - Anne

* Free time during the afternoon

* 1 day off to enjoy an optional guided hiking tour (extra)

* private Functional Integration™ lessons (extra) Alan or Anne

Dates: June 12-20, 2017              Aug. 28 - Sep. 04, 2017

Cost: 325.- Euro for each week's teaching

Teaching languages: English & German. Translation available.

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