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The name Samos is etymologically related to a word Asian in origin – “Sama” which means a high place and thus magical.

The legend says that the island emerged from the waters of the southeastern Aegean as commanded by Tethys and Oceanus, who were designated as nurses of the goddess Hera. So that it may be a worthy birthplace of the goddess of fertility, Samos, was brought to heights above all the Aegean islands and was enriched with every landscape, every wind and weather, every plant and animal.

Through the centuries it has earned the names, Melamphyllos, Parthenia, and Kyparissia which all mean the same… the same as the longing of the wayfarer. This is to be interpreted as meaning “somewhere among the shade of Samos in ivy covered ravines a follower of Dionysus, Pan fled and naturally serves.

Samos is located in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea off the coast of Asia Minor.

Located east of Asia Minor from which it is separated by the Samos (Mikali) Strait, with a minimum width of 1650 meters. To the north is located the peninsula of Eritrea, to the northwest is Chios, to the west and southwest is Ikaria and the group of islands called Fourni and to the south are the Dodecanese islands, the closest of which is Agathonisi or Arki and Patmos.

Samos has 33,814 inhabitants.

It is a municipality with Samos Town as its capital.

Samos is mountainous and has two mountains. The wild and rocky Kerkis Mountain, with a height of 1443 meters stands  in contrast to the green covered mountain of Ambelos (Karvounis) which is 1160 meters high. The plains are few. The largest being the plains of Chora, which is located on the northern side of the island and encircled by the villages of Chora, Pythagorian, Mills and Pagonda.

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