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Duration of Individual sessions is 60 minutes. Cost 50 euro

Time Therapy

Time Therapy is a healing approach for the ailments of both spirit and body, created by Manuel Schoch which combines oral psychotherapy, modern meditation and energy exercises.

While traditional psychology seeks to explore and understand the self within its natural limits of space/time or cause/effect, spirituality reaches beyond all bounds.

With thirty years of careful observation of the human energy system, Manuel Schoch has developed Time Therapy as a direct and practical way to consciously integrate the potential and quality of your aura into the realms of the body-mind and your everyday life.

Time Therapy, the bridging of psychology with spirituality, is a therapeutic perception based on the following facts:
• Everyone has positive qualities and needs to focus on them rather than their weaknesses.
• The role of the past is not as important as we believe or make it out to be.
• We are influenced more by our fear of the future rather than our fear of the past, which means better to start taking more responsibility instead of blaming the past.
• The majority of illnesses, especially psychological ones, are the result of  having a lack of perspective.
• The expression of love is not dependent on first receiving love.

Why is it called Time Therapy?

The most common thing we know about time is not the time told by a wristwatch but rather the cause-and-effect structure of time. What Time Therapy simply demonstrates is that there is no cause-and-effect structure.Time Therapy shows us that we are more than the body-mind. We have all experienced a sense of this at certain moments in our lives when we lose all sense of time, when we really are connected to this expanded state of another greater dimension-what Time Therapy refers to as out-of-body consciousness.
This is when we are truly in touch with and living our qualities or soul potential. Time Therapy shows us how to more easily and readily step out of time into the out-of-body consciousness state. This brings more perspective into our lives, whereby we can observe and feel what’s going on within ourselves without the reactive reflex, based on fear, that commonly has imprisoned us and which stops the flow of energy and the ability to process and deal with situations and move on.Being able to connect more with this expanded state, which we all have as part of our whole being ,brings with it that inner peace, stillness and vitality that we all long for.



Manuel Schoch
was born 1946 in Switzerland. He was a modern mystic, healer, therapist and teacher. Already in his childhood Manuel Schoch has perceived the energy-fields (aura) of his fellow beings and had clairvoyant vision and audition of dead persons, spirits and entities and all through his life he has had various mystical experiences.After school Manuel Schoch first was farming for a few years. Then he studied psychology in Switzerland and England, where he also refined his psychic and mediumship skills. He worked as the youngest editor of the Swiss television network and as the personnel manager of a big communication company. After several years of studying with the Irish Healer Bob Moore, Manuel Schoch started his own work as a energetic therapist in 1971.He was the co-founder of the Analytic Centre in Zurich and starting in 1974 he was the founder and the head of the HiHo-Collective, an anti-psychiatric institution which was widely known at that time.The unfolding of Manuel's healing art lead to the birth of the tune in, Centre for Human Growth, and beginning in 1984 Manuel started to express his qualities in the public with talks, workshops, courses and trainings. Doing so he was supported by the other dimension and his spirit guides.Manuel Schoch has developed Time Therapy and also Out of Body Healing. Manuel worked with his own wisdom, clearness, compassion, humour and humbleness. He was married, the father of two sons and lived in Zurich, Switzerland, London, England and Athens, Greece. He was the director of the tune in Institute for Time Therapy in Zurich, London and Athens.

He left his physical body the 10th of October 2008 in Zurich.

Duration of Individual sessions is 60 minutes. Cost 50 euro

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